Properties changes in full score layout not mirrored in parts layouts

Hi, I’ve tried to search for solutions to a number of challenges I’m experiencing in a project. The solutions are probably easy, and search results probably pop up immediately for anyone else searching. But I’ve really tried. Anyway, on to the first of my questions:

If I’m not mistaken, changes and edits I make in any layout should immediately be reflected in other layouts containing the player in question.

In the full score layout, I’ve changed a lot of gradual dynamics spelled out as “crescendo” and “diminuendo” into hairpins, using the Properties panel > Gradual style switch in Write mode.

However, in the parts layouts, the gradual dynamics are still spelled out as words.

What am I doing wrong?

I also ask this advice on good forum practice: I have a number of questions on which I’ve spent much time searching for answers to – in the manual, using the forum search function, and with Google. Should I ask these questions in this thread, or litter the forum with one thread per issue? I guess the last option is the correct way to go for.

I’ve really tried to make my research before posting, I have really tried. But deadline is approaching.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Runter.
It seems to me what you are looking for is Propagate Properties.
Assign a shortcut to it as it is super useful!

You need to use Propagate Properties.

Thank you very much, Marc and pianoleo!

Could I additionally ask: I have now added text, with shift+X, in some of the part layouts, that I don’t want to show in the score layout. But they do! Even if I haven’t used Propagate properties. So now I have the opposite issue. Any advice on this? it’s probably self-evident to everyone else. Advice appreciated.

Any item you add will appear in all layouts. When you alter its properties (in the bottom panel) those properties apply to the current layout unless you use Propagate Properties.
What you’re asking for isn’t really supported. The standard workarounds are either to drag the item off the page (in Engrave mode), or use the Custom Scale property, set to 1%, and then the Color property to colour the item white.

Thank you, pianoleo, I’ll use the workaround!