Properties Panel Active items

This comes up when I am entering and/or editing guitar fingerings, something I do more times per day than any other function I can name.

When I set “Show: Active” on the Properties Panel, it would be a great help to see all items on the options that are displayed, rather than just the item(s) with a switch on.

It would save a lot of scrolling, for example, when I want to set “Vertical position” when looking at Plucked Fingering. I would do “Show:Active” and click on “Vertical position” under Plucked Fingering. I do that all the time, but only when entering fingerings of bass notes as shown in the screenshot.
Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 2.18.10 PM.png

If you are just editing fingerings:
With the filter set to show all properties, type just fi (for fingering) in the search box of the properties panel and leave it so. Select any note and the “Fingering and Positions” and the “Plucked Fingering” properties will be shown wether they are Active or not so you could go on and edit all the fingerings you need to.
Hope that helps.

Thanks, rafaelv! Where did you get that information?

Hi spencered, you are welcome. In the Dorico 3.5 Version-History p.28 there is a paragraph about “Properties filtering”
“Properties filtering. At the left-hand side of the new bar at the top of the Properties
panel is a search box, which allows you to type the first few letters of a property
group or individual property to instantly show only the matching property groups
and individual properties. You can even type the first letter of each word of an
individual property: for example, with a note selected typing pso will instantly
narrow the set of properties to Playback start offset.”