Properties panel design — same layout/order of properties in Write and Engrave modes

Hi there,
I feel like it would be nice if the properties panel had the same layout and the same order of properties in both Write and Engrave modes. Obviously Engrave Mode has a lot more items in the panel, but the fact that they’re interspersed with all the same ones that are in Write Mode makes it hard to find sometimes. For just one example: When a crescendo or diminuendo is selected in the score, in Write Mode, the Barline interaction property is at the bottom of the first column. In Engrave Mode, the same property is near the bottom (but not at the bottom) of the fourth column.

If there’s a specific reason for this, that’s great. For me, though, and I’m sure many other users, it would save a second or two every time I have to hunt for a property that’s in a different spot in Engrave Mode than where I’m used to seeing it in Write Mode.

Would it be possible for all of the properties that appear in both modes to be shown first (i.e. leftmost) in both modes, so all the Engrave properties that are in addition to the Write properties come afterwards? (E.g. the Barline interaction property would be at the bottom of the first column in both modes.) Does that make any sense?

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Thanks for the feedback. I know that it can be disorientating when the same option moves or appears in a different place. We chose to order the properties as we do so that related properties are grouped together, and we prioritise relatedness above maintaining the same order.

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I figured that was probably the reason. It’s a shame you can’t have it both ways at once. :slight_smile: Thanks for the response!