properties panel - interface suggestion

Apologies if this has been discussed previously, or if it’s already a toggle-able interface option I just haven’t found yet…

Attributes in the properties panel have subsidiary values/options. When the attribute is switched off, options and values are visible but inert buttons and boxes. To manipulate them you have first to switch the attribute on. Why not make these buttons/boxes clickable (albeit still greyed out) when the attribute is switched off, and interacting with them automatically switches on the attribute (saving a mouse-click)? This is the behaviour used by, for instance, Adobe’s Creative Suite desktop applications.

Hi Julian.
This topic has indeed already been dealt with, in a quite extensive way… Just to let you know, we users seem to agree with you, but IIRC this behavior is not easy to implement.


I need to search forums more diligently before posting… :slight_smile: