Property propagation into TAB

  1. I have a score with classical and TAB.
    And I have a layout only with TAB.

I put a playing technique (i.e. full barre) onto the score and it is placed at bottom.
I changed this with the position property and it is positioned on the top of the stave.

But on the TAB layout it is still at the bottom.
Now I select the full barre item and Edit->Propagate . On other layouts it is placed on top but not in the TAB layout.
Perhaps the TAB layout is too different to get the properties? Or should it work?

  1. Then, because a barre indicator (like a position indicator) in the TAB layout is really not necessary I tried to delete this in Engraving mode on the TAB layout.
    No chance. Perhaps because it is a playing technique and could change the sound? Can I force the deletion somehow?

No, you cannot currently use Propagate Properties to propagate properties from a notation staff to either tablature or to a condensed staff. They are sort of orthogonal rather than equivalent, so it doesn’t necessarily make sense to simply mirror those values across.

You can, however, hide a playing technique on tab if need be: select it and activate the ‘Hidden’ property in the Properties panel.

…many thanks :slight_smile: