Prophet of mercy (soundtrack)

I’ve tried to mix the western choral music and mandolin and flamenco guitar and then to add a touch of Arabic world music (to show the origin of his berth) by adding Oud which is a Lute like instrument mostly used in Arabic countries then I added Santur and Daff -which is a percussion- in the last part of the song, both instruments are from my country Iran (AKA Persia).The key is C minor so It’s not ethnic music in anyway, don’t worry :smiley:
Constructive feedback is most appreciated. :sunglasses:

Hi Masoomi.
Mix is clear, and i was able to connect with the instruments you talk about. Good to hear also a peaceful piece.
In my taste, I would add a cello (or other bass like) coming @1:22 to support & bring to conclusion…

Glad you found it peaceful and good Stephco,
I’ll try your suggestion for sure and if I like it I’ll definitely keep it, Thanks a lot!

I’m thinking in terms of cinematic cues, and it’s perfect. I really like the plucked string instruments, and as a guitar player, I wish I had access to a bunch more, oud, mandolin, lute, ukelele, banjo, etc. I have some guitars, but none of the others, but they really work in a piece like this.

Very nice really love the Oud and all the real instruments. So glad I stopped by to hear you composition!!!

Really? Glad you find it perfect bro, yeah love the simple sound of a guitar and am amazed by how much it can say with such a simple structure… Sting’s “Shape of my heart” wouldn’t be the masterpiece it is without that guitar , that damn beautiful guitar sound.

Very nice of you to listen and comment Kenny, Glad you liked it man, the oud wasn’t there at first … it was a mandoin + flamenco music but then I added the intro and the Oud just jumped in there! :laughing: