Proportional notation request

Is it completely out of the realm of reality to have a kind of proportional “mode”, where music is based on seconds instead of beats? This would ideally include a drag & drop system for note lengths, seconds over tacets instead of # of measures, etc. This can all be faked pretty well now, much better than any other program, but it is still cumbersome.

It would also be very helpful to have some kind of button that enters a timestamp above the score wherever your cursor is, with or without proportional notation.

Hi! You could use markers for timestamp? That’s the natural thing I am thinking about, when reading your req.

Dorico really doesn’t have any good features for truly proportional notation at the moment, though it’s something we may well support in a future version.

Marc’s advice to use markers is spot-on, though: bring the playhead to the selection position using Alt+P, then type Shift+Alt+M to add a marker. You can control how the marker appears using the options on the Markers page of Engraving Options.

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

I would love to have a proportional notation option as well!

Do you mean where distance is proportional to time? You should be able to achieve that by changing the Note Spacing Ratio to 2.

Setting the note spacing ratio to 2 will get close, but the spacing may affected by things in the staff that are not notes (accidentals, clefs, bar lines, etc).

But it’s the best option to try.

Is there any halfway convenient way go get a notation with duration lines like in the attachment?

Quite easily, using the custom line tool.

Thanks Dan,
what is the best way to get space for the lines after the notes? hidden notes or rests?

How about using a note with a longer duration so that it naturally takes up more space, and an overridden notehead type that draws a black notehead instead of (say) a whole notehead?

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Please add proportional notation. It is so much needed in contemporary music and would catapult Dorico straight forward compared to the other notational software. Please, please add it.

Welcome to the forum, Micha. We certainly don’t rule out implementing proportional notation in a future version of the software, but it’s not something we are working on right now.