Proposal - Access to clip name etc. on Active Clip (Audio Montage Window)


If you right-click on an Audio Montage tab you have the option “Copy to Clipboard” which is great for copying name, path etc. of an audio montage.

I think it would be great to be able to do the same thing for individual clips, so my proposal is to have the same/similar functionality under the “Active Clip” options as well.
This would make it possible to easily copy clip info to clipboard for use in documentation etc.

I guess that for clips the optimal options would be to be able to copy both name of active clip, name of marker at start of clip), and maybe possibly also ifo regarding associated audio file.
For example something like this:

  • Name of clip
  • Name of Marker at start of Clip
  • Path and Name of associated audio file
  • Path of associated audio file
  • Name of associated audio file
  • Name of associated audio file without extension

Would anything of this be possible in any way?


I agree with this easy proposal.


Thanks PG!