Proposal: Action search with a key command (like in ItelliJ IDEA)

Hey, I just want to bring up again something that was probably brought up a lot of times, but nothing was never done about it. (like in here: Provide search functionality for any possible action/preference)

Cubase has tons of actions, menus, macros and preferences. And it’s really easy to get lost. What Cubase really needs is a way to easily search for actions and preferences, and even change them on the go.
In IntelliJ IDEA, you can press Ctrl+Shift+A anytime to bring up a modal to search actions OR preferences, and execute or open them. As well as easily change key command by pressing Alt+Enter.

Please take this into consideration. I think it’s gonna be a huge boost to UX and productivity.

This is a great idea and although I apparently voted 4 times and cannot use more votes… consider this a +1

(also please user the tag feature-request to be easily found from developers)

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