Proposal: Clip names as part of Auto Variables Codes

I wish there was an option to include Clip Name as an “Auto Variable Code”, in the same way as for current “File (Source)” = name of Montage.

Most often I have an montage (“album”), with a bunch of tracks that corresponds 1-to-1 with a bunch of matching clips (mix files).

Tracks with corresponding Clips

I use Media Monkey as an audio file librarian in order to keep track of all my mix and master files.
So I want to be able to use both CD Track Title/CD Text (Track), as well as “Clip name”, as info to put into CD Metadata. This information I can later extract in Media Monkey and use as tags/metadata in the audio library. This enables me to see and search for files using both public track names as well as original name of mix files.

The Track has the “official” CD Track name and the Clip has the corresponding Clip name with information regarding mix version, mix date etc. For me that is the actual “Source”, rather than the name of the montage which for me is more of a “container”.

So if there was an option in Auto Variable Codes for selecting various alternatives for clips would be really great:

  • File (Clip)
    – Name without extension
    – Name with extension
    – Full Path
    – Etc.
    And if you don’t have matching tracks and clips you don’t have to use it.

Current option for File (Source) – under it could be an option for File (Clips)

If there is no way for WL to automatically make the connection between CD Track and Clip to get the Clip name, another alternative could be to have an option to manually select names from list of current Clips in the montage in the “Auto Variable Codes” menu!?

So instead of the above example there could be an option for:

  • File (Current Clips in Montage)
    – Name of Clip 1…
    – Name of Clip 2
    – Etc.

Example of a possible CD Metadata with Clip Name selected from Auto Variable Codes

Any chance of this?


Since a CD Track could be composed of several Clips, maybe the option would be “Name of 1st Clip of CD Track” ?


Thank you for the reply.

Yes, that would work fine!

And of course, if you have multiple clips associated with the same track it will be more complicated.
So that in some way speaks for alternative 2, where you can choose what clip to use.

Let’s say you have a track with an intro clip, then main mix track and then an outro clip, and it’s the actual mix track name you want, then you need a solution that enables election of correct clip.
For me personal that is not so often the case, but I totally see that there are cases when this may be relevant.

So depending on ambition and priorisitation (from my point of view):

  • for simple cases - to be able to slelect first clip would be great
  • for multiple clip cases - to be able select correct clip would be good.