Proposal: Different clefs when condensing

I really would like to find a better solution when instruments with different clefs are condensed on one staff. So far, dorico always uses the clef of the first instrument for the staff.

However, there are lots of situations, especially in bass instruments, where this doesn’t work. F. e., if you have two bassoons, the first is in tenor clef and the second in bass. When the 2nd bassoon goes in the lower octave, you would always use bass clef for both.

So far there seems to be no way to do this: either you have to change it in the part (which often doesn’t make sense) or you have to separate the two on two staffs, which needs more space.

Now what I would like:
When you make an manual condensing change, you attach all instruments of the group to one or several staffs. If one right click on the staff and define the clef for that staff, this could be done very easily. That would also allow clef changes is the score other that in the part, which sometimes makes sense.

Just my two cents, but I would be very happy to get a solution for this!


Consider the situation where there are two bassoons which should be condensed onto a bass clef staff in the score but the first bassoon part is sometimes written in tenor clef. If the score is in concert pitch, make sure the first bassoon part is in transposed pitch. If this part begins in tenor clef, delete any explicit clef at the beginning and instead go to setup mode, right-click on the first bassoon layout, choose Clef and Transposition Overrides, and set the Clef for first staff in Transposed pitch to Tenor Clef. If there are clef changes in the first bassoon part, select all of them in write or engrave mode and in the properties panel, set Show for transposition to Transposing Pitch. Now the score should condense both bassoons onto a bass clef staff. If the score is in transposed pitch, exchange concert pitch and transposed pitch in the steps above.

Here is an example of the method described in the previous post. If the first bassoon part in transposed pitch looks like this with an explicit clef at the beginning:

and the second bassoon part looks like this:

then the condensed score in concert pitch looks like this:

After deleting the explicit clef at the beginning of the first bassoon part and applying the clef override instead, the parts look the same but the score now looks like this:

After selecting the clef changes in the first bassoon part and setting the Show for transposition property, the parts still look the same but the score finally looks like this:

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