Proposal: export compatible with all versions of Cubase

Hello! I don’t know if I have time to propose an improvement for the next version of Nuendo (Nuendo 12), but what would you think of an option that allows us to export a template or project made in Nuendo with full compatibility so that it can be opened with all the versions of Cubase, from Elements to Pro? (Except, of course, the limitations that each version has, Elements, Artist and Pro) Currently a Cubase Elements cannot open a file made in Nuendo, however simple it may be. That could change with this export option.

I don’t know if I’m proposing something that already exists and I don’t know or if I’m explaining myself well. What do you think of the idea?

That has to be changed on the side of Elements, but I think it’s an intentionally restriction.

Did you try to rename the file extension?

Yes. Change the file extension from .npr to .cpr and no. A dialog appears indicating that “This project was created in Nuendo 11.0.40 and cannot be opened.” Apparently only Nuendo files can be opened in Cubase Pro.