Proposal - Export function in CD-Text Editor

Hi PG!

Would it be possible to add an Export function in the CD-Text Editor so that you easily can export CD-text you have entered for an Audio Montage.

This would make it possible to make changes in a suitable editor when/if needed and then import changes, instead of having to do make changes manually in the CD-Text editor.
Now you have to create CD-Text list for import manually from scratch.


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Not sure what a “suitable” editor could bring. What do you have in mind?


I want to be able to export CD-Text I have made as a text file or spreadsheet (.csv) in a similar way as for Clip list. Then I can use Excel to easily make adjustments and make copies with variations av CD Text to import into same or other AM I am working on.

For example to have alternate versions of CD Track Titles with track index and not, to copy between different versions of same “album” etc.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but currently if I run the CD-Wizard to re-generate markers with the “CD Marker Naming” box unchecked, it still changes names on all Markers to Clip name except for the first Marker/clip. So instead of having to go tru and adjust all tracks in CD-Text again I can now import last version I saved of the CD Text.

Previously I have made the csv files to import manually in Excel, but to be able to export it from the beginning in the CD Text Editor is better I think.


This is interesting. What causes you to have to run the CD Wizard again? 99.9% of the time I just run it one time for each project and then do any manual edits as needed, but I can’t think of a time when I have to start over and run it a second time.

Maybe avoiding having to run it a second time can help ease this problem sooner than later.

Thanks for the details. I can consider this now.


Thank you for the replies.

Just to clarify some more as input to Justin.

First I think it’s kind of natural that if you have an Import function there is also en Export function.
It kind of goes ‘hand in hand’, in order to import something you usually start by exporting something to refine and re-import.

As I am responsible for the whole process of mixing, mastering etc., I start quite early with creating AM’s with various mixes of the same album for auditioning. I also quite often work on multiple AM’s with different version of plugin setups for the band to audition. So the album(s) are not necessarily finished or set in stone.

I can easily make copies of AM’s retaining CD-Text and CD Metadata, but if I need to change anything later in all existing AM’s (track name, track order, Disc ID, type of Markers, adding, removing tracks etc.) it quite often results in the need for adjusting CD Text and CD Metadata on multiple AM’s.

So if I have 12 tracks on an album and I have multiple AM’s of different versions of mixes and masters it’s a lot of manual editing of CD Text when needed.
So having an Export/Import function for CD Text simplifies this.

Most often I have to adjust CD Text (and CD Metadata) after:

  • Changing names of Track titles or other CD info - e.g. names with or without track index
  • Having to run the CD Wizard again when changing type of markers, adding/changing clips/tracks to AM etc. CD Track/Marker names has been changed and need to be adjusted.
  • As I said earlier:
    – When changing Marker types Start/End to Splice - markers are not renamed!
    – When changing from Splice to Start/End - all markers are renamed except for first marker.
    All CD Text data and CD Metadata is removed except for first track.
    Marker/CD Track name has been set to based on Clip name.
    Have to adjust CD Text and CD Metadata for changed tracks and then run “Rename CD Tracks as CD Text”again.
    I actually do not really understand this difference; why is CD Track/Marker names kept in the first scenario but changed in the second scenario?

I also use Custom fields in CD Metadata to add some additional data which is also removed when CD Text is changed/removed, so having an Export / Import function in CD Metadata, and be able to work with different setups of CD Metadata, would be even more useful I think.
But that’s more complicated I would assume.

I am still trying to master all concepts and functions in WL and trying to find my optimal workflow.


The CD Wizard does not change markers, it deletes old ones and creates new ones. What do you mean with “change markers”?

Hi PG!

Ok, so here is a test montage with 4 Clips, Start and End Markers and CD Text set to have CD Track Marker Titles as “public names” (Album Track) rather than Clip name (Testtrack01…).
I’m only showing you selected tracks that are affected for simplicity…

If I run CD Wizard and change marker types to Splice Markers with CD Marker Naming unchecked, all info is still the same in CD Text and CD Metadata.

But after changing back again to Start Markers,

  • CD Track names and all info on Track 1 is still the same
  • BUT name on Track 2-4 is changed (as Clips) and info removed/deleted…even though CD Marker Naming is unchecked!!!
    This is what confuses me.


Well, the CD Wizard is not designed to change markers, but to create markers once. When you use the CD Wizard is used, the old markers are removed.
Moreover, there is no “CD track” independent from markers. I mean, a CD track is defined as the result of markers. And the CD-text data is attached to markers. When markers are re-created, WaveLab offers to guarantee to preserve the CD-Text.
I can understand you find this confusing if you see the CD Wizard as a way to change markers.

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Saw that I had wrong description above….I started with Start markers, re-created as Splice and then re-created to Start markers again,

So why the difference…?

  • re-creating as splice markers - cd text is retained
  • re-creating as start markers - cd text is not retained
    Should it be possible to work in the same way?


It’s “by chance”, the reason is internal to WaveLab. This is not a feature to preserve CD-Text, as this dialog is meant to be used only once to create markers, and to set the CD text later.


Ok, thanks PG!

Maybe there could be an option in the “CD Marker Naming” list in CD Wizard for “Keep exisiting Marker names (if any)” as a complement to “As Clips”?


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