Proposal for improving duplication of Audio Montage(s)


I have a proposal for improving duplication of Audio Montage(s).

I think it would be useful if there was an option/alternative for duplicating Audio Montage while still keeping name (without extension) for new montage. Then you can add suffix/alter to new unique name before saving it. Quite often new filename is based partly on previous name.

Currently you can use Ctrl/Cmd (and even Alt) with Drag n Drop to get a new AM named “Untitled 1”, and then manually copy name and rename new AM using F2.

This could be made simpler by having different alternatives for customised duplication:

  • Alt 1 (e.g. CTRL + drag n drop) – as today with new AM namee “Untitled 1”
  • Alt 2 (e.g. Alt + drag n drop) - with new AM keeping name as the original AM

This should naturally also work when doing the same using the “Exact Duplicate (Using the Same Audio Files)” menu option for duplicating a montage, or maybe as a third alternative for “Customized Duplicate…” function!?

I also think (as I mentioned in a previous topic) it would be great if there is an option (when using the “Customized Duplicate…” function) making it possible to choose “Do Not Include Plugins”. If you are duplicating and replacing files it is probably because they now have been processed and you now want to do other adjustments.


Quite often new filename is based partly on previous name

Good remark