Proposal for Steinberg - a completely new type of VST inst

A new type of VST - a completely different concept

I propose to you that you could have a good real acoustic piano in a studio that is miked ready to record, this could respond to an internet user providing a MIDI performance. The MIDI performance could then be recorded real time using professional mikes and skill and automatically sent back as a wav form to the users sequencer. The whole process would be automated into Cubase - a new kind of VST.

This way a user could get (perhaps for a small fee), the benefit of a real recording from a high quality studio to their own performance.

If this were successful, then other instruments could be so offered. I have seen violins being played by programs and these seemed to my trained ear to be pretty good. Other keyboard instruments could also be set up in this way.
Perhaps one day a full orchestra (Once the articulatory control of these instruments could be copied accurately from a human being).

I can also foresee a way of stylising the performance in the style of… various players, various styles, but perhaps this is a different issue.

Proof of concept could be provided with a MIDI enabled piano of good quality (Yamaha/Steinberg make one - the DisKlavier).

I would help develop this if you wished.

See 5:20 in of the first promo video of VST connect ;

Precisely this is what the video that DaveFry linked shows at 6:06.

Fantastic stuff! I wonder if there are real studios doing this? I could see this as a buisnes opportunity for someone.

Since the Victorians there have been attempts at automating other instruments too. I wonder how far this has got and if it could also be utilised for drums, or bass, and perhaps other instruments??