Proposal: Master section preset name as Auto Attribute


I would like the possibility to use Master preset name (and if possible also Inspector preset name) as Auto Variable Attribute when configuring naming schemes for files etc.

Then you could add the preset name as part of file name for rendered file or as part of folder structure.


good idea

Will be available in 10.0.30


Just realised that it may be a little bit complicated and confusing when using a Montage and the Inspector rather than the Master Section.

As you currently do not use the Master section preset directly in the Inspector, so in that case you would prefer to use the name of the plugin chain!? But currently the default option is to save the plugin chain as Montage Clip name (for clip plugins).

And if you import a MS Preset as a plugin chain in the Inspector and save it as a plugin chain (with same name as MS preset), you cannot currently see the name of saved plugin chain in the Inspector.

So this will primarily work when using Master section right!?


So this will primarily work when using Master section right