Proposal - Open existing AM in Project in Safe Mode

Hi PG!

I think the new function for opening an AM without loading plugins in the File tab is great. Great if you just want to check clips, files, notes etc without using the plugins, as I often have Projects/File Groups with many AM’s.


Do you think it would be possible to have something similar for AM’s that are already in the Project/File Group, but have not yet been opened/activated?

For example have an option to right click on the AM and select “Open (Safe Mode)” and AM is activated without plugins being loaded, as a complement to clicking on it the traditional way.


This would make it so easy to open an existing montage in the Project/File Group to view clips, files, notes etc., without havin to wait for plugins to be opened.

Then I assume you would also need some kind of function to “Load/Activate plugins” if you want to continue to work on it a little bit more.

Just an idea…!


Why not, I note this idea.

Great! :+1: