Proposal - Option for customised montage duplication without plugins


I think it would be good to have an option for duplicating an Audio Montage without the exisiting plugins (“Do Not Include Plugins”), when using the “Customized Duplicate…” function (“Duplicate with New Audio Files”).

One of the main reasons for duplicating the AM with new (processed) audio files is pobably to do some other processing and rendering, so in those cases you have to go in and manually remove all plugins in the Inspector on the new AM.


I think I get around this by first rendering the initial montage to a new montage of the same sample rate. This locks in all the audio processing at the highest sample rate, and floating point audio, and then creates a new montage so all the markers are in place still, and all data is carried over. So it’s essentially the same montage but without any plugins.

From here you can insert a dither and render 24-bit/high sample rate WAVs of each track. Then, this is where the Custom Montage Duplicate comes in. You SRC that full rendered file down to 44.1k or your sample rate of choice and create a duplicate.

More info is in this live video I did the other day:

Also, I’m not saying this option shouldn’t be considered, but if you need a solution today, I think it’s already there. I think it’s good practice to lock in all your plugin processing at the highest sample rate and floating point bit-depth because then all the options are open.

Hi Justin!

Yes, there are ways to get it to work anyway, but I think it could simplify things.

And thanks for the presentation, I watched it some of the time, and will surely go back to it to get some more understanding of your workflow.

The more flexibility you have in Wavelab, the more different workflows it may support.


I guess the way I see it, you probably want to process the plugins at the highest sample rate, so I do that first as one lone file and use the settings that tell WaveLab to automatically make a new montage from the resulting file. All the markers and info carry over perfectly and the only plugin needed is the correct dither setting.

From there, Custom Montage Duplicate works great to get down to different sample rates.