Proposal: Reassign function for Arranger track


I would like to have a Reassign function (similar to the one for Marker track) for the Arranger track so that you can easily reassign the Event ID’s for the Arranger track.

If you start to add or change arranger events they may end up in non alphabetical order in the Arranger event list, so it would be good to be able to reorder them as A, B, C, D etc again for simplicity.

I also have not found a way of splitting an arranger event!?
Let’s say you have added a quite long arranger event that you want to split into multiple smaller ones.
As I can see there is no easy way, so you just have to start to draw the new arranger events all over again instead of splitting the exisiting one into different parts.
Thats as far as I can see anyway!?


And while your at it - make an option to include 1,2,3,4,5 seconds of reverb/tail when changing parts - this would actually make auditioning different arrangements possible with the arranger track and menu. Would especially be awesome for composing for games!