Proposal: Use audio filename in naming scheme for Montage


I think it would be good if there was an option in the “Naming Scheme” for Audio Montage for naming rendered files using filename of actual audio file source.

Currently there is an option for using “Auto Variables - File (Source)” but that “source name” here refers to the montage file, not the actual audio file used in the montage as seen in the Files tab.

This is primarily an issue when rendering Regions/CD Tracks, as the track names are usually not the actual filename but rather sanitised track names.

So when I render “Regions/CD Tracks” (or even “Selected Clips”) from a montage, I would like to have an option for using either the Clip/Track name or the filename of the actual audio source.

I can’t find a way to do that today.


Interesting. I can’t think of a case where I’d want the original file name to be the rendered file name too. If that were to be the case, it would also be the same as the marker/region name too.

Usually as you mentioned, we clean things up so the resulting master files are cleanly named compared to the often messy and inaccurate original file names.

Maybe there is a good reason to add that though.


In the initial part of my workflow I want to treat all tracks/files as separate master files until later when I consolidate into a final montage/album.

During this time I still use montage(s) and CD Tracks as a base for all CD Data, metadata etc. but still want to be able to render separate files and keep the original file naming until finishing up later. And this works quite well when rendering Selected Clips.
I can keep original mix files and different versions of master files until I am really clear on what goes where etc.

But as discussed in other topics it is often quite good to render files from Regions/CD Tracks rather than Selected Clips.

So sometimes it could be usefull for me to also be able to render a montage using the Regions/CD Tracks and at the same time automatically create a new montage based on these new files, but still keep the original file names until the later stages.
I still would like the Clip names and Track names in the montage to be as in the initial montage.

Then I can easily reuse these newly rendered files in other montages if I want to (try out other set-ups), and still recognise their origin.


Interesting. I ask in part out of curiosity, but also, to get more of the “why” because probably for PG to consider such changes, there needs to be a solid case for the “why” to add or change something.

If you come from a post background, you are likely ‘trained’ to change the name of the file to it’s correct/final title before you start working on it (placing it in a pre-edits’ folder or the like). I know places where this is standard … sometimes prepped by assistants pre-session.