Proposed Marker Window Improvement

I use the comment field of the marker window when setting up projects. I note the headroom available and the amount of gain I want to add in mastering. This is better for me than using the notes window because the markers follow the clips when I put the songs in sequence.

The marker comment field is way to the right in the window. My markers automatically get referenced to audio samples in the clips and this is noted in the clip-reference column of the marker window. Since the entire audio file path is in the clip reference this field gets wide and I have to keep scrolling to the right and resize columns to make my gain notes in the comment field visible… all good so far until I switch window to something like a loudness meter. When I switch back to my marker window, the columns have resized, and I have to scroll right to see my marker notes. Annoyance factor 6 on a 1 to 10 scale.

What would be awesome is if I could re-order marker window columns and set column width preferences… just like I can on the audio file browser window.

You can already resize columns. Do you know that?
Please upload a screenshot, to better figure out your suggestion.

The column width changes don’t hold if I switch to a different window in the dock. Re-ordering columns in the marker window doesn’t seem possible.


Top image shows arrow for comment column that I’d like to put next to marker name column.

Lower image shows column widths adjusted so that I can look at both the marker name and the comment column at the same time. These adjusted widths go away as soon as I view another window in the dock.

I see. Maybe a horizontal scroll bar would help?

I can scroll L<>R with the thumb wheel on my mouse. If its not too much trouble, I just wish my column widths would have persistence within the Wavelab session.

My dream fix is would be to have window preferences that could be editable and saved in the user profile much as all the other display preferences.