Props for Cues and Engrave Mode

Just wanted to take a moment and post some praise for Dorico here. I’m printing rehearsal scores for the first time on a gargantuan musical theatre project, my first done exclusively in Dorico, and I have to let you folks know what a complete joy it has been to prepare and output my rehearsal scores. They look absolutely fantastic and with minimal effort. I was afraid it would take most of the year to get a handle on this software, but my experience has been the exact opposite. I predict Dorico is going to shave weeks off my workload in the course in my first year alone – that’s no exaggeration. Thank you Steinberg for making such a fabulous product, and thanks to all the knowledgable users on this Forum who have helped me get up and running.


For those of us who are unabashed fans of Dorico, our appreciation isn’t an abstraction; it’s borne of achieving beautiful scores in less time with less work. How can you not love that??

Yep. The biggest problem with Dorico (IMO) is that I’ve forgotten how to use Sibelius or Finale, if I ever need to revisit an old project :wink:

I’ve finally stopped hitting cmd-A, cmd-4, cmd-U after every action…

Thanks for taking the time to write this note of appreciation, Bill (I hope it’s OK to call you Bill – rather presumptuous, I know!). It’s always very gratifying to hear from our customers that Dorico is working well for them, so I really appreciate it.