props for elicenser

Not really wavelab related, but since I just use wavelab myself I wanted to post it here anyway.
My usb dongle with the license for WL9 was behaving a bit badly lately. I also do lectures and seminars about mastering using my laptop with WL on it, so I bring the dongle with me all the time. This means more change of wear and brake, my risk.
Now it started to fail on me every now and then, cauding WL to crash or not start at all.
Luckily, I had a spare dongle (cubase5 license, not used) and it was literally just a matter of drag and drop the license to the new dongle and I was up and running again! :mrgreen:

Just wanted to say that… especially with all the problems that I see with iLoks right now this is the other side of the story which might also be told :sunglasses:

I would recommend buying the new eLicenser model if possible. It’s smaller and more sturdy.

That is a good story and thank you for sharing it.

Sturdier because it is smaller or is it thicker/heavier etc.?

I’m pretty sure just because it’s shorter.

Good idea, for any user. Mines pretty dodgy, so it’s smart to get ahead of disaster.

Somehow I missed that they reduced the size of the eLicenser. I just picked up two new ones. One for the main studio and one to keep in my travel bag. Sometimes it’s the little things (pun intended).

What is the point of having two? Can’t you only keep your licenses on one dongle?

Yes, for a few reasons I have two licenses and it’s nice to not think about taking the USB key with me, it’s just in my bag and ready to go.

If you had just one license, having two eLicensors would not be useful.

Got it. I wish they would let me have my license on two dongles. I have the old one and the new one, and it would definitely be nice to be able to always leave one plugged in at the studio! I have driven back to the studio to get my dongle more times than I can count!

The new eLicenser does feel a bit more sturdy and less likely to break or get broken.

Thanks for pointing out that there was a new one available.

I’m not anti-dongle but it would be nice if we could use iLok though because when traveling, less is more. That, or a way to not need one for WaveLab at all. Elements doesn’t require one so it’s possible but I’m guessing Steinberg wants to play it safe with the more expensive software.

If I want to work remotely un-compromised, I end up with 3 dongles. iLok, eLicenser, and Weiss Saracon USB key.