Props to PG for the updated SRC in 9.5

Most of us only post here when something’s wrong. Therefore, I’ll just leave this one here

It’s a pretty big improvement over 8.5, and in practice negates any need for other SRCs.


I agree
It is one of the best SRC, better than the built in of Pyramix and other. Very good work.


…I have always relied on external SRC, and didn’t even consider the built-in one. However, since I’m now working on a 27-track compilation with contributions with varying SRs, I thought I’d take a look at WL’s again. And, I was pleasantly surprised. No more external batch-jobs, just convert and be done with it :slight_smile:


I agree, and I think the SRC integration in the montage is fantastic. Being able to insert many files of different sample rate at once to a montage and having them automatically and simply converted, named, and placed in the Data folder.

I think the conversion is excellent, but some might still say they prefer the gentler filtering, even with it’s resultant aliasing artifacts, in Saracon and Pyramix Apodizing, or the steeper filtering available in Izotope, Final CD, and dBpoweramp, or Minimum Phase variations available elsewhere.

SoX can do all of that, including the gentler filtering, if we only had the ability to input the filter characteristics. In the attached pics, the SoX parameters could be made to emulate the filter characteristis of Saracon and Pyramix Apodizing, (with an equally black background as Saracon if SoX VHQ is used instead of the SoX HQ used in the picture), and the bandwidth was fine tuned to the same frequencies and slope. I think it would be a great benefit for Wavelab to be able to accept alternate SRC variables, that would make it more appealing to more people. Izotope has this kind of continuously variable parameter control, and SoX does too, but not in Wavelab. This would also satisfy those who want minimum phase SRC which I’ve seen requests for, because there are continuously variable controls for the phase parameters in SoX too.

My original request for SoX controls was:

Slider for Bandwidth -b 74 to 99.7
Slider for Phase -p 0 to 100
Checkbox for Aliasing -a
Radio button or selector to select VHQ (-v) or HQ (-h)


But even if I have to type in the variables in a single line in a single text box in a Global Preference setting, I would be fine with that. It’s actually very easy in the SoX Command Line program, and in Wavelab with the SRC/montage and master section integration it would be fantastic.

I’m fine with typing a line into a text box in global preferences:

-b 99.7 -p 50 -v

-b (bandwidth) 99.7 for steepest Bandwidth, -p (phase) 50 for linear Phase, and -v for VHQ. (I would note that Izotope, Final CD, and dBpoweramp go that steep, 99.7, without apparent issue, and I think Wavelab should too).

The numbers for linear phase gentle filter with aliasing, would be something like:
-b 95 -p 50 -v -a (b for bandwith, p for phase, v for VHQ, and a for aliasing), although I’d have to check for the more exact frequencies for the bandwidth.

It’s easy for me to say, and I could be wrong, but It just doesn’t seem all that complicated. Plugging in variables.

Please consider adding this PG. I think it would be a great addition to Wavelab, and it really might make a big difference to some people, especially if the commands are already in SoX and just need to be made available to us with the variables, as in the command line program.

It would make it much easier to make starting points for realistic comparison in valid blind tests comparing SRC result files, which I’ve done with all of the SRCs mentioned (except Pyramix) and including Crystal Resampler. I’ve done this In addition to null tests of SRC result files (with sub-sample time alignment needed in two of the SRCs done with Audio Diffmaker). So I have opinions about the differences and similarities already, but I’d like to pursue it further.

And it would give us all the choice.

The measurable advantage of the gentler filter is less pre and post ringing, and although the relevance of that has detractors, it also has a number of prominent engineers endorsing it, and its importance. And the impulse test for it has been in infinitewave for maybe 10 years?

Please allow us to adjust the control parameters PG. I think the parameter entry text box or control should be buried in the preferences where most are not likely to run across it, because it can be confusing and not needed at all by most, because the current SRC Best setting is so good, but please let us have the option and the choice to try or possibly use the other available continuously variable parameter settings in SoX. Izotope allows such complete controls, and it would make Wavelab the only other program to do so afaik.

I have well noted this. But I am afraid this will have to wait the next big update.

FWIW, the Custom Montage Duplicate option in WaveLab works really well and allows you to do your own 3rd party SRC using RX, Saracon, or anything else you might prefer.

The first few times you do it, it might seem too complicated but I do it many times a day without even thinking about it. It can be done very fast.

Since 3rd party plugin processing can already be so touchy in WaveLab, I prefer to not add SRC on top of that when rendering, and I developed this workflow back before we had SoX in WaveLab and I wanted the highest quality SRC I could find, Saracon.

Anyway, it works well to render a floating point WAV of all your processing as one single file to lock in all the plugin processing, and then have WaveLab recreate the montage at whatever sample rate you SRC to with your external 3rd party option.

It could at least be a good short-term solution to this until the next big WaveLab update.

Hey Justin … so as a fellow Saracon user, have you moved now to the SoX in WaveLab? It’s OK if you’d prefer not to answer this in a public forum.

Thank you PG! That’s fantastic!

I’m still using Saracon 100% of the time. The Custom Montage Duplicate feature makes very quick and easy work of transposing and recreating your montage at a new target sample rate.