Props to Steinberg

This in no way overrides the need for bug fixes and updates…

…but i willingly give to the whole team that the workflow, design and everything else in Cubase 7 is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for making it worthwhile to have been with you since Cubase 1/Atari. Stand in a circle and pat each other for a job well done.

When the flaws have been ironed out Cubase has always been a joy to work with - and now more than ever.


And Thüringer Bratwürste to you all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed! Great product direction …C7 and Steinberg VSTis. Good forum participation from Steinberg representatives as well! Still work to be done…but I’ve been quite busy with C7 with consistant performance on the whole. Cheers!

Aloha guys and

And I hope this not just a ‘Mac thang’;
that PC users also find C7 to be a wonderful
DAW programme.

Haven’t opened C6.5 all week.

Going all esoteric on you now - it does sound great!:slight_smile:
Keep on sprinkling that magic dust on it in future updates pls;)

P.s. I am a veggie, so does that thüringer bratwurst come in a quorn, soya weizen or tofu variant?:stuck_out_tongue:

I totally agree with the OP. Although I’m not a professional and consider music just as a hoby and a brilliant way to spend the money …hahaha … I like new cubase , new mixer …For me It’s a joy to look at and work with … When some flaws are ironed out it’s gonna get even better, but certainly even at this stage is a no show stopper for me.

Well done Steiny :slight_smile:

@Pär, I seem to remember you on these boards from quite a while ago, how have you been? Well I hope:)!

And to stay on topic, C7 is working well here too, besides the niggling little ‘buggers’. I expect Steiny will sort out those in good time…


Oh - I’ve been thrown out thrice. I have a heavy bratwurst defiance disorder that can’t be cured. Have had a music restaurant in Ecuador but is back in Sweden. Resuming music making after a long period of, well, I’m heavily sensitive to wireless protocols so life is an endless escape from place to place.

But now I’m up and running. I hang mostly on They gotta have a BDD and village idiot there as well.

Be awesome guys and girls.

And Steiny - beam in the limelight. You did this completely right. Albeit it took you 26+ years, but nevertheless… :wink:

Mac and PC are tools. There isn’t and has never been a fight. To each his own.

And never confuse tools with performance!

Cheers - Pär

Felt this was the right place to drop some shout-outs.

I am a new Cubase user and have been working as a composer/producer for tv and film the past four years on Logic and Pro Tools.

I have spent the better part of the past week trying to learn C7 as fast as possible because after trying it out for one day, I became convinced that Cubase 7 is the best DAW of them all. Its only been a week, so I am still working out some kinks in my workflow, but all in all, after one day on it, it has made me conform my studio.

Not only that, although I live in LA, before I new of the Forums I posted a help question on the Facebook page to Club Cubase Toronto and got immediate service. And the Forums here have been helping me out daily with swift response to help me get on the right track. No don’t get that kind of service with Avid or Apple without having to pay for premium support membership service.

Thanks guys - best product, best service.

@ Alexander,

It’s always good to have new Cubase users here, especially ‘defectors from the enemy’ (joke) :wink: .

Cubase is not perfect but works very well for the majority, 'glad to hear you’re enjoying the experience.



Come out and take a bow fellow Steiny’s. This doesn’t happen every day. :wink:

Steiny is AWESOME! Been a user since Cubase 3 and Nuendo 2. I’m #sold. Kudos!

Always been the best DAW this past 15 years in my opinion.


the 1 usability feature that would save me hours apon hours of time is still not implemented.


Its driving me crazy this has still not been inciuded.