Props on the drum editing, new lane comping and VST Expression 2 note cc editing. It all looks very well done.

Much success with Cubase 6. Get the demo posted willya? :mrgreen:

Yes Sir! Props for sure.
I am itchen to to upgrade, I can’t find any info on when it is released.

Well yeah. If I can complain about stuff I don’t like I should also give credit where it’s due. Those three things I mentioned look nice.

Not itching to upgrade but I am looking forward to a demo spin.

Hi, is there a way to demo C6 or were you joking ? :slight_smile:


Well there is usually more to to the update than what is listed as “fixed”

Well, been reading the manual and (afaict) that’s generally about it feature wise. I was looking for some specific things, some which were covered in then FAQ thread here which I saw afterwards.

I think Cubase is a great product and the new features look pretty good but I can’t comfortably live with “Can Hide” and some other small stuff like that anymore. I do think most people here who can live with those things on balance will really enjoy the v6 update though.

The drum editing and transient detection looks killer, and should at least partly muffle the “Beat Detective” chants from the PT zealots for the short term at a minimum. :mrgreen: I do wonder if there is a “Tab To Transient” feature now, didn’t see it in the manual. The “group editing” thing confuses me a bit. It looks pretty much like the current folder track editing, chopping up the events on a folder track like I do in 5 now which (IIRC) edits everything in the folder at once the same way? There must be something else there I don’t quite get yet like that’s not the actual folder class but a new group folder class? I didn’t see the child events in the folder track so it must be a different track class.

Comping is definitely looking better. No need to run around muting un-muting stuff with the mute tool (or similar) and having an actual composite track on the main track that doesn’t turn gray with events underneath, very good. I’m sure orchestral composers will love Expression 2.

Anyway, not too bad at all.

I started a thread about this. I don’t get it either. I’d sure like to know what I’m missing. I’ve read that section of the manual about 4 times now and I’ve watched the video at least that many times. I don’t see anything new. He even marquee selected before duplicating. Which, shouldn’t have been necessary if it is a group edit.

No demo yet that I can see.