Protect/Lock Items

My biggest frustration so far is that it is way too easy to delete barlines, key changes, etc. It seems to happen in almost random fashion. Is there any way to protect/lock these items whole cloth? If not, please add this feature. Once I do know what my key and/or meter is, I want it to stay that way.

I agree that it shouldn’t be so easy to delete barlines. We will change selection so that barlines that are not associated with an actual change of time signature or have a special barline (e.g. double, final, etc.) attached don’t get selected when you make a marquee selection, as soon as we can.

Thanks so much, Daniel, for this reply and your constant and amazing level of customer care. I know you and yours are getting dumped on a bit at present, but I think many more of us are tremendously grateful for you. =)