Proteus VX problem

I’m experiencing some difficulty when using Proteus VX through Cubase. It shuts down at random numerous times, and even when activated I can’t select different synths because the window keeps closing whenever I click on it. I’m running on Windows 8, Cubase LE AI Elements 6, 64bit.
Anyone else having this particulair problem?

And now cubase won’t open at all. If I try and open I get this message saying “a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

I have the same problem.The Proteus Vx loads under Cubase Elements 7 in Windows 7 64 bits,and a UR44 but it crashes .I can use out of cubase but it does not work as VST instrument .By the way the sounds are much better than Halions Se so it would be nice working with it properly.
Anybody Knows how to solve it?

make sure you set the stand alone version to administrator in properties, run it and load the default bank. then it should run as a VI.

there are a lot of plugins that require that you do this first.

i also set vx to load the last bank at load so that you get the factory sounds everytime u load. gl

Thanks very much for your answer .I´ve already done but it keeps on crashing …it loads but once i try to use i will fail and says something about losing conection with the Bridge and asks me to disconect incompatible plugins,…
A pity …i really love the Proteus sounds …

Now, at last, Proteus Works …but only in the 32 bit versión of Cubase 7 Elements,As i was told by steinbergs reply there is no a Bridge for the 64 bit Version…