Protools 10

So did anyone here see the protools 10 tech demo? Vid now up on YouTube!

Look forward to hearing reactions, and what this means for nuendo…


Yeah, looks good. Obviously this means they are going 64bit :sunglasses: I think uad released their PT RTAS too. :sunglasses: On the up and up.

It’s looking more and more like Nuendo as time goes by. The fades feature is a biggie (especially the automation clip gain). However, like all things, the devil will be in the details. Silly limits on track counts, appalling RTAS performance, severely limited ADC. The list goes on. All these things need to be sorted out for it to compete with Nuendo for me.

However, Nuendo has a few things to learn from PT as well, so I’ll be sticking to using both applications for the moment.


I was just about to start the same thread … :slight_smile:

Here’s the link, BTW:

Avid Pro Tools technology preview IBC 2011 - YouTube

Good additions for sure.

I’ll love the clip handles for level and the realtime fades. Add to that being able to have multiple AS plugs open simultaneously.

Loading everything into RAM seems like another winner and awesome innovation.

I gotta say, it really seems like they’re listening to their customers… Obviously it remains to be seen how well this will function…