Protools 2018 - adds more cubase features!

I just read the key new features for Protools 2018 and I think 90% of them are all Steinberg inventions. Well done Steinberg to be ahead of the field and have Avid playing catch-up.

I can’t wait to play those Protools jerks at this year’s Varsity soccer tournament. It’s so ours this time, we got this. Cubase Basses on three… One… Two… Goooo basses!!

Hehe :wink: just having some fun

I love it! Cubase has some advanced features that Pro Tools could use, indeed.

And Cubase also has some catching up to do with Pro Tools: Deep session import features, customizable track headers that eliminate the need to have to navigate to and click multiple times on the inspector or go the mixer for most things, edit lists, and making to-video edit mode standard are the bigger ones for me. Then it will be unbeatable to me. :slight_smile: