ProTools added the feature I asked a few months ago!

Hello all,

A few months ago, I asked for a feature in Nuendo 5… Route to New Group. Could be easily done, Logic does it already and guess what? ProTools 9 just added the feature too, I mean, it’s a must now days with those crazy track counts we get… Original Thread:

Back in the day, I posted a mock-up of what I’d like to see in Nuendo:

Please review this idea as most of your competitors have it in now… Thanks.


nice add-on, would save me a bunch of unnecessary clicks!

I´d really like to get some clever short cuts like this one from the context menus

This seems to be a very easy thing to add.
Would be very nice to have this - alternative is to create group first - but this is a lot slower…

Uh oh, never tell this to a programmer… :wink:

Pro Tools has some really great features. However crazy track counts is not one of them. Still “limited” to 96 stereo. :wink:



this will be part of the next major update (together with many additions for the mixer), Nuendo 6.


It would be nice to have a ballpark estimate on when we’ll see the N5 update as well as N6. Last I heard, if I understood correctly, is that the N5 update will happen early summer… So is this correct, and what’s the goal for N6 - summer? late summer? fall? end of year? 2012?..

(PS. The world ends in 2012 so I hope it shows up well before then…)

Hello Timo,

Now, that’s great news, thanks again for coming back and answering the request, it’s really appreciated!

I need to get a hold of you, I lost all my emails when my ISP migrated my stuff to Google Mail! :frowning: Thanks!

Sorry for reviving an old thread, I just wanted to know if that feature ended up in Nuendo 5.5… It is the “next major update” after all. I had a quick look, didn’t find it. Thanks in advance.


Timo said: "this will be part of the next major update (together with many additions for the mixer), Nuendo 6.


This is one of the few things I like about pro tools.