Protools MMC MTC Sync dropout

I’m using MTC to sync Cubase (Master) to Protools (Slave) and I’m having a wierd issue. Cubase plays smoothly but every so often Protools will go offline (the protools transport completely stops for 1 second audio dropout), and then jumps back online and resyncs. Any ideas whats causing this?

I must have set it up correctly because it works right? All i needed to do was use the LoopBe1 MIDI to send out MTC.

Do I need an additional port and need to have MMC and MTC on separate ports?

i tried downloading loopbe30 and using different ports, no solution. Protools still goes offline momentarily every once in a while, and the timecode numbers are occasionally off by a few frames when i start and stop.

bump. i had this fixed on protools 11 for a while but now im back to the same problem

Ive started using cubase 6.5 side by side as the slave to cubase 7.5. Works like a charm. Must be a protools specific issue or some setting in protools thats wrong.

7.5.3 has varified MTC sync issues. This is supposed to be addressed in 7.5.4… But who knows how long we will have to wait.I am fairly disappointed that this get past Steinberg. This is such an essential feature to a professional studio.