Provide a handy method to prevent or force audio warp when dropping an audio file into Cubase

Steinberg, please implement a
preference setting that gives us the opportunity to decide, whether Cubase does automatically stretch any audio material accordingly to the project tempo or not, when dropping it in from the outside. Or give us a modifier key, or a pop-up window, or anything… Thank you!

This is an old, lengthy complained about subject. As for inspiration/motivation, here is a little excerpt of a forum thread (hint: not “as seen on” the Steinberg forum):

User A: “PROBLEM: The track is not lining up properly when I import it into ***. The timing is off. (…) Is there something I need to set in order for it to be imported without any warp or time stretch?

User B: “In preferences turn off ‘automatically warp long samples’.“

User A: “So simple!!! Thanks very much. Im embarrassed at the amount of time Ive spent trying to figure that out.”

User C: “Thank you this saved me a lot of time! It makes sense there is both a global and track setting for warping.“

Reading this after I’ve been reading a thread from 2011 on this forum here, that’s begging for this feature, again made me think if I’m on the right train.

What I want this for: If someone gives me a USB stick with some loops and samples they made, I plug it in, the Explorer opens and I drag and drop one of these files into my DAW, it simply should time stretch / warp that content. And I know that there are people out there who want the exact opposite. I don’t want do fiddle around, utilising the Pool or the MediaBay. Sometimes things have to go fast - especially with some impatient musicians in the room. A software tool should be adaptable to the user’s needs and not vice versa.