provide Insert pre Control room monitor for room correction

Hello Designers.
I would like to request an insert be provided in the Control Room monitor panel to allow inserting popular room correction software such as IK Multmedia’s als.

Because with current routing options in Cubase, such plugins have to be insert in the Master fader. There are many complaints that engineers sometimes forget to disable the plugin before bouncing their mixes, thereby sending an processed version to mastering. There are a number of work arounds posted, but the proper solution would be to provide insert where monitor correction and information diagnostic plugins could be inserted.
If the insert can be located just prior to final volume control, (where it would be located outside of the box), this would be a very useful time saving feature.
Thanks for your consideration on this one.

Ange Civiero

Check out the Control Room feature. I use it expressly for this purpose and it works brilliantly.