Providing Part Audio for Students

Hello -

I am working on a musical theater piece for my students and would like to give them isolated parts of thier vocal score. I usually just record this on piano for each part, but I wondered if I could enter the whole piece in dorico (faster than real time) using separate voices, and then have dorico spit out the parts for each section; SATB?

I was thinking of using a single piano player. Set it for Independent Voice Playback and enter the music. But, this doesn’t seem to give me anything that would be in unison, if I select Voice 2 for instance.

I could set up 4 part singers, but there would be a lot of copy and past of unison parts.

Do any of you provide these kinds of audio parts for students to learn? Do you do it in Dorico or just make a “tape” as it were, old style.


My solution to such situations is Layouts.

  1. I have a Working Score layout that contains everything, instrumentation as well as a rehearsal piano part.
  2. I have a Conductor’s Score that omits the rehearsal piano. (Both of these are Full Score layouts).
  3. I then have a Piano/Vocal score that contains only voices and rehearsal piano.
  4. You could then adapt the individual (and usually extraneous) individual vocal parts to include the rehearsal piano and (for each one) only to contain the flows containing the musical numbers for that character or vocal part.