PSP 85 ducking delay ?

Has anyone out there got a PSP 85 delay ? if so have got any idea how the so called automatic ducking delay works ?
the instructions don’t explain it very well at all and when I contacted PSPaudioware support their response was to tell me to read the instructions…all the instructions do is tell you it has an automatic ducking delay feature, it does not tell you how ? maybe I’m just an idiot but if anyone knows about it I’d be grateful, thanks, Kevin

Yes I have it (I have all of the PSP delays), but I have never used the ducking delay. I will set it up when I get in front of my music rig and see what I can determine.

Thanks…much appreciated, Kevin

Hello Mate:

I thought I was going to get to it last night, but my day job re-routed me out of town. It could be a couple of weeks before I get in front of my music machine.

No problem…I’ve started using a compressor to duck the delay because I can’t get "proper ducking " with the PSP, I can turn the delay down but that aint ducking is it…been in touch with PSPaudioware but they are totally not interested in explaining anything ! the instruction manual just says ducking is possible but it does not explain how, cheers, Kevin (maybe I’m just a thicko )

I just got this one.
I’ll give it a try later today & post back if I get any useful information.

cheers, I’ll be very interested in how you get on, personally I’m finding it difficult to navigate around as well as the ducking delay thing…Kevin

Still learning this one (Only bought it last week) and the ducking seemseasy enough to understand but not yet worked out how to sidechain it.

BTW - have you found the additional bank of presets yet?
Go to the plugin preset manager, and hit the BANK button, then browse to the install folder (on my soon-to-be-replaced XP setup this is C:\Program Files\PSP Audioware\PSP85) and load the factory default bank.
They are all very different to the ones that appear on initially loading the plugin.

Hi, yeah found those ok, thanks for taking the trouble to mention it…Kevin

i tried the demo. i couldn’t see any vst3 type sidechain input, so i tried it like a vocoder; insert into a group. set up 2 audio tracks assigned to group panned hard left/hard right to see if one acted as sidechain. but alas, no ducking. ed

Yeah…seems strange that it claims auto ducking delay but it’s very difficult to find…somebody that can design a brilliant piece of software such as this should be able to write a more comprehensive user manual don’t you think ?