PSP Neon - cannot get it to load in WL7

Just purchased PSP Neon with intention of using it with WL7 this evening. Well, several hours ago in fact, but I can’t get WL to recognise or access Neon in the Master Section effects list.

I’ve installed Neon to my default Steinberg VST folder and checked that it opens and works fine in Cubase 6. Then went into WL - not there. Checked that the VST path (Plug-in settings) covered the folder where Cubase is seeing Neon; selected ‘Force plug-in detection at next launch’ and closed and re-started WL. Also checked again to make doubly sure that Neon dlls were present in the VST folder. Watched the plug-in names that came up as WL was re-started and scanning plug-ins, and saw PSP Neon flash up. Into the Master Section, and cannot find it anywhere.

My PSP 608 Multidelay (that lives alongside Neon in the same folder) is present. Checked the ‘Plug-in Organisation’ page in WL, and although 608MD shows up in the PSP folder, there’s still no sign of Neon. Did this several times, uninstalling and repeating the process - each time Neon appearing and working in Cubase, but nothing in WL.

If anyone has any ideas in how I can get WL to accept and display Neon for use, please let me know, thanks!

FYI, this is a PC Win7 64bit system.

I used to run the old version of Neon on elements, and worked perfectly. What I can tell is that the new version (should be 2.0.2 or something) is 32 and 64 bits. Maybe something related to 32/64bits was to be selected during installation?
Just trying to help.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for your reply - good suggestion. I did install the 64 bit version, as I’m using Cubase as a 64 bit host. I did jBridge it so that it should be seen both ways (32 or 64), but I’ll try downloading the 32 bit Neon and see how that works. Just struck me as weird as all of my other plugs that were jBridged to give 64/32 compatibility are working fine in WL…