PSP VintageWarmer2 very slow to open GUI in CB9.5.10 Pro

Never had a prob with this before. Latest version of plug installed. Using VST3 version.

Every time I try to open the VW2 GUI to edit it it takes about 20 seconds to appear, locking up CB meantime until it loads, then all is fine again.

Not had this issue on previous CB versions. First mix I’ve used VW2 in CB9.5.10.

CB/PC otherwise performing perfectly.

Just me then? :slight_smile:

Known problem, still not solved by PSP. That’s why I’m still using the VST2 versions.

Double post… Can’t find the delete knob…

Nope, same here. Soundtoys also slow, but not as slow as PSP Vintage warmer.

There is a recent update:

PSP VintageWarmer2 v. 2.7.3 version history


  • PSP MicroWarmer, PSP VintageWarmer and PSP VintageWarmer2 were causing crashes while GUI opening in HOSTs based on JUCE SDK - fixed,
  • PSP MicroWarmer’s, PSP VintageWarmer’s and PSP VintageWarmer2’s editors were sometimes stretched (only VST3 on Windows PC) - fixed,
  • PSP MicroWarmer was turning off while moving from insert to insert in Protools 12 - fixed,
  • meters were sometimes freezed when session was suspended (only VST3 format) - fixed,
  • PSP MicroWarmer, PSP VintageWarmer and PSP VintageWarmer2 had wrong latency compensation in PT12 at 96kHz sampleRate and above (since 2.6.0 version) - fixed,
  • Various minor bugfixes

I still have to install it, so I don’t know if it fixes this problem.

Yeah, I’m on 2.7.3.

I can use VST 2 version til they sort it.

They better be quick or they’ll be blacklisted! :rage:

Have any of you contacted PSP Audio about this issue? I hope they are aware of it.

No problem here with VW v2.6.0 and CB9.5.10.

Same problem here

I wrote to PSP support who say the issue is FIXED in 2.8.0 Hurrah!

Latest plugin version is v.2.8.1. However, I recommend downloading v.2.8.0, because we had some licensing problems with v.2.8.1 in Cubase on Windows.

So please visit our servers and download version number v2.8.0

hope this helps.


There are other problems with VW 2.8.1

Namely, it gets blacklisted in CB9.5.50 on install. PSP are aware of this as I have contacted them.