PSU Wattage

What brand/model PSU and at what wattage do you use?

I’m interested in what other people use and I am also trying to work out what wattage I need for my system at peak loads (UK).

The on-line calculators give me very varied results.

I have a Corsair CS850M Modular 80 Plus Gold Power Supply which is probably good for most setups. It has no problem doing the job for my system (see my signature below).

I currently have a 650W 80 Plus Gold… not sure if I need more W ?

If your setup is running smoothly, don’t worry about it :wink: .

Home: fractal Design, 450w
Studio: 500w Corsair

I’m asking about is as I am planning to add a new SSD drive, and will be upgrading the graphics card in the near future.

I want to be sure the PSU will be ok with these new additions


I think you’ll be ok with your present PSU unless you get a super powerful gaming graphics card.

The Focusrite Saffire I have draws power from the PC too, as does the MIDI keyboard controller.

…Not sure how much and if that affects my PSU needs…??

I’m not sure which graphics card to get, it needs to be a marked improvement in the Intel HD 4600 I have. I have an ATI Radeon 4650 but the internal Intel 4600 outperforms this.

I was going to try for an nVidia branded card, as from the specs I’ve seen, they tend to draw less power than the ATI’s.

I was thinking nVidia GTX 750 / 760 with 2GB ? …or is more on-board RAM recommended?

Would welcome any suggestions or advice on this.

I forgot to change my signature but I have an ASUS GeForce GT 730 2GB silent which quite good for a DAW but probably wouldn’t cut it as gaming card.
If you have two monitors, I would suggest buying an HDMI to DVI cable to run the secondary monitor, it’s a lot clearer than using VGA cable, I found detail on the second monitor was a bit smudged.

I’m not bothered about gaming, I just want a better card than the onboard Intel 4600 HD graphics I have, with plenty of on board RAM.

I run a large screen at the moment but may switch to two monitors in future.

With the Focusrite Saffire , and the MIDI Keyboard Controller, and a card like suggested above, would 750w or 850w be overkill?

Seasonic X-Series 460W fanless.

They also supply a bag with it that makes a fantastic cover for microphones. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them separately.

A single CPU DAW system may only use 200-300W, excluding the video card.

What really blows out power is going on a gaming binge on a high end video card, which can ramp up power by 200W+. Under normal DAW use, graphic card power usage should be fairly close to idle.

If you are running a lot of electrical stuff, you should invest in a power measuring meter just to know that you are not overloading circuits, or exceeding what your cables and powerboards can handle. My last computer used 200-250W total.

It would tend to run cooler, and thus stress its components less, and its fan may not even turn on, so keeping the noise level down. But yes, it is probably overkill.

In case you do run into power issues, you can always connect external gear, such as your controller, mouse, keyboard, or even soundcard on a powered USB hub. I had some power issues (no sound, no oculus motion tracking) after connecting a new mouse and keyboard, both with added LED lights. Running my oculus rift and soundcard over a powered USB hub fixed this.