PT closes in a snap, Cubase stalls (like it has for years).


I assume it’s got some background duties to do before it closes, but, surely, they can get this stuff written into the CPR file quickly, one would think.

Then again, I know nothing about coding. Could be a very good reason Cubase needs 3-4 seconds to close.

it’s the video bundle in cubase… delete the file if you don’t work in video it wont hang.

Seeing this post reminded me to resubmit my request for a preference option to disable the CB video services.

BTW… I agree that moving the video files out of the Cubase component folder helps this issue. It also helps with other issues during CB startup and with the tons of background errors that are listed in the windows error report. Of course if you use the video services then this is not an option.

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That is deleted and mine hangs all the time for about 3 minutes sometimes. There are things that don’t stick like changing Generic Remote parameters and if Cubase crashes they are all lost. Cubase seems to wait to write to disk things like this when Cubase closes (at least on the Mac).


Today I have hang after session close. UAD meter show that plugins are still loaded to it. I’v must close Cubase hard. I hope my session was not lost…

Should be if you saved before closing. That has happened to me and I did not lose anything.