PT Control App Still Causing Crashes From Track Selection Page

If you’re using PT Control app, with or without the other Artist Series hardware, be advised that selecting the tracks button will cause Eucon and Nuendo to totally crash! You can use the App for any other section EXCEPT track select! :unamused: :cry: :angry:

Tip: I’ve been using the (free) TouchOSC app to create custom controls, buttons etc for Nuendo for a few years now. Okay, it takes some time to program it (using the Generic Remote), but it works like a charm!!

All works in here but only for stereo or 5.1 tracks. Nuendo and Eucon crash only when making a mono track routed to 5.1 output.

I’m talking about a bug that makes any version of Nuendo crash when you SELECT the tracks page on the PT app on iPads.

Sorry, yes it crashes, but…strange…after crashing I opened empty project with several mono tracks, open pt app and it works, Tracks page works as expected, switching tracks, muting it and etc. Tried to load some wavs - works. Tried to add stereo tracks - connection’s lost. Open pt app again - it’s ok again, Tracks page works! So I’d like to know what makes it crashed? Ipad3l, eucon v19.5.0.514, nuendo 8.3.20.

I would also love to know what EXACTLY causes this crash. I’m still on Eucon v18.3. From what I’m reading over at the Avid Forum, 19.5 is a nightmare!

I just tried your test. I opened an empty project with 24 mono tracks and 16 stereo. As soon as I touched the 1st track, after opening the tracks page in PT Control, Nuendo crashed with that “Exceeded Track Limitation” error message. :cry: This is with Eucon 3.6.1 with Eucon WS Unified

As I mentioned earlier, everything else works just fine and, as getting back to 18.3 is VERY DIFFICULT (once you update the firmware and go to 19.5, which appears to be buggy as hell) if it doesn’t work out, I’m not willing to risk changing anything. It’s easier to just pretend that the Tracks page doesn’t exist and just use all of my other methods to navigate to tracks. I have wasted enough of my life trying to get things stable and functional. Now, I JUST WANT TO WORK!

IF you figure out how to make it stop crashing, without giving up any of the other functions, let us know. :wink: