PT >> << N7 some questions

Hi All,

So that now I’m back in PT as well I’d like some of my questions posted ;

  • I’m so used to and rely on Nuendo’s master output metering. What would be an equal viable option in PT ?
    I can not see a simple loudness/peak implementation built in. Of course I can use Insight, but is yet another
    window open.
  • selecting a clip in PT will highlight it in the clip list and vice versa. So bloody useful. Do we have the same function
    in N7 / pool ?

1+2 Insight. Different softwares require different workflows.
3. You can have a key command for that. I think it’s called “find in pool” or “select” in pool.

Well yeah…thanx Oliver, that much I already know.

The great thing about the Nuendo master fader monitoring is, it is an integral part of the mixer. It is just there.
PT does not have a dedicated loudness/TP monitor built in the app. So…just another plugin window for detailed readout.

BTW I was looking in the key command list and for the life of me couldn’t locate anything similar.