PT user in Cubase land - Object/Range tool

Hello everybody. I’m a hardcore PT user who just jumped ship to cubase. So far I love it but my main issue is with navigation in the session. I’m used to the smart tool in PT which does a lot of things simultaneously and not being able to click anywhere in the session (on top of regions) and have the cursor follow that spot is a big issue. I’ve read ways to setup a macro where upon mouse-click release you can have the keystroke for “locator at selection” executed and that works good other than the fact I use a trackpad and haven’t been able to achieve it with a tap instead of a hard click. From a PT workflow standpoint the Range tool is what gives me complete freedom to click anywhere in the session (and with the macro have the cursor follow) and make a selection within a region, but besides that its all about the object tool.

So my question is: Has any of you gurus managed to create a way to combine effortlessly the object and range tool functionality without the need of your left hand?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome…! And straight off, I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you with your main question…! :frowning:

Though, I got very curious when I digested the above, in red. That macro, can you share or point me to where you got the detail please…? Sounds like I could really make use of that. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, good luck - there are some pretty knowledgeable folk around…!


Or upgrade to Nuendo…
Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean then It’s the infamous ‘edit mode’ that you want. And it is not available in Cubase.

Yes it is indeed the Nuendo Edit mode. Based on more research, someone had found a way to mod Cubase to do it but Steinberg crippled that mod in 7.5.2. I’m beyond disappointed that Steinberg would keep cubase deliberately behind when they already have in Nuendo a more advanced way of navigation. My line of work has nothing to do with syncing video or post work… the fact that they think that feature alone is worth $1000 more is a huge slap in the face :frowning: And to think I went with Steinberg to get away from Avid’s “closed” thinking attitude…