PT user trying out nuendo

Hi. Im a PT user, doing sound design profesionally. I want to try out Nuendo and see if i like it more than pro tools.

-There is one thing (as of now):slight_smile:

-Is there any way i can go to another place on the timeline, and not having to click the timeline bar in the top?

I would really like to be able to click anywhere in the project, and then the playback head should follow my click.


In Preferences -> Transport there is a menu item called “Locate when clicked in Empty Space”.
Thats what you are looking for

Thanks. That doesnt solve the problem when i’m clicking an audio clip:)

That’s why it is called " … in Empty Space", because when you click on an audio clip, you are selecting the audio clip. Two different functions. I sometimes want to select a clip without chaning my position in the timelin, and vice versa.


Ok. Thanks for taking the time:)
Sadly, that’s a deal breaker for me.
Thanks again.

Indeed. A shame; its like this in Cubase too. I’d love it if SB devs have been taking note of this and the ‘Smart Tool’ workflow in StudioOne, for example. Genius and elegant and slick and fast.

Fingers crossed something good coming in C9/Nuendo 7.5 …? If not, I’ll not sweat it… S1 is getting more attention from me of late anyway…

Good luck to ya.!

Thanks:) I have gotten s1 to behave like pro tools and I’m really happy with it (for music making)

If you are want it to behave like PT you have to run it like PT.
PT is based on the range selector, if you choose the range tool it will behave similarly if you set your prefs accordingly.
The cursor will never behave like PT. It isn’t meant to, it’s a cursor and not a time selection tool.

That’s what the Range Tool does when in Edit Mode (Nuendo Only), you can click anywhere on the audio clip and it will play from there, but you have to be in Edit Mode. To me it’s even better than in PT as you can switch modes with a key command.

Hmmm. So how do I get this behavior?
Any special settings?

That’s what the Range Tool does when in Edit Mode (Nuendo Only)

Transport > Edit mode :wink:

You can also press “L” (standard key command) to position the playback head at the hit point of the the selected file.

As mentioned:

  1. Use the range tool
  2. Enable Transport -> Edit Mode
  3. Enable Preferences -> Editing -> Cycle Follows Range Selection

With those enabled you should have Nuendo behaving like PT. Assigning key commands to those functions allows for quick toggling.

Thanks! I’ll try it out tomorrow, and I’ll probably have new questions by then too;)

Ok. It works! Thanks a lot:)
So… further expirementation:
I got fade to/from cursor set up just lie pro tools and trim start/end hotkeys set up correclty.

And with you guys help, i got mouse behaviour like PT. There is still a couple of problems though.
If i use the range tool, and go to edit mode, and do the “cycle follows range selection”, i get a lag.
When i click somewhere in an audio clip, there is about delay of about a second or so, until the playback head places itself at the place where i clicked. I work fast and i need to do fast edits. Is there any setting somewhere that could speed things up?

Another thing. When i do fades in range tool mode, by using hotkeys: I cant adjust the fades? Do i really have to switch tools to be able to adjust fades?
I guess there is no multitool in nuendo, but still?

Thanks again;)

System specs? Playing back at the same time? Clicking is instantaneous here. Re: fades you have a multitude of fade functions available as key commands which you can use to change fade length without having to switch tools although a multi-tool is a long requested feature.

Adjust exactly what ? Fades start/end will have a little triangle at the top of your selected clip.
Fade shape ? Currently Nuendo does not give you custom curves with nodes, without one extra step : just double click in the fade area and you have many options there.

does this help ?

The problem with fades, is that i have to change tools to adjust fades length (thats what i want).
Spec wise i have an I7, 3 ghz quadcore hackintosh. Runs every other daw without a single hickup.


I suggest as I do to every PT user trying out Nuendo:
If you stubbornly try to use the program like you did in PT you will struggle. Some things you can do in similar ways, other things you just can’t.

You really should try to learn the program on its own merits.

I used to be a PT user only from before it was called PT (ProDeck and ProEdit) and started to move over to Nuendo in 2007. We Still have several PTHD licenses that aren’t used much these days.

My workflow and ways to accomplish editing is very different to how I would accomplish it in PT.
In my opinion it has to be to be efficient.

+1 on what ErikG said.
You will probably find yourself using the range tool MUCH less than in PT…