public beta for all cubase users

you can really see that evan with the new cubase 7.0.3 update there are still some problems
why does steinberg give cubase users the opportunity to test beta,s of the new upcoming update,s
giving feedback if the update is working properly bud installing the beta,s on own risk!!
with more testers giving feedback getting solid update

That would be absurd, offering beta versions of patches. That would make the whole process take more than twice as long!
They should have offered a public beta version of Cubase 7 before releasing it half baked.

that,s the point i,am making

if the are fixing something the will tell users what to test and focus on these point when testing the beta

when apple comes with new update,s the let developer outside apple test the beta,s
apple telling the developers what to focus on when testing the beta
for example steinberg can tell beta testers to focus on the mix console or vst instruments or main window and so on

more tester will make better update,s

We are THE betatesters! Dont you get it… yes PAID betatesters, but betatesters none the less…

I’m not PAID to do betatesting.
Yes, Steinberg should really consider public betatesters for any new release. So many bugs are discovered after release. This means that current testers are not really capable to find bugs. Letting Cubase to be tested by public would reveal much more bugs, and make things much more efficient.
Now is already fourth version of C7, and there are still too many bugs there. If C7 was beta tested by public when it came out, then C7.0.1 would be better than now 7.0.3 is. It would go much quicker.
And anybody who would install beta would know he can expect problems. And those who don’t want problems would simply not install it. This would also mean much less complaining and frustration. Only those who are willing to play with beta would post about issues, and they would not complain, but reports would be constructive, without frustration. And after beta would finish, the real version would be practically bug free, and those who would install it would be able to use it immediately without problems.

I think you meant we’re “paying” beta testers…

steinberg shut put a FEEDBACK function into cubase

a menu that let,s you push a button called feedback

a window will appear that let,s you fill out a form explaining the problem or bug

in this form you can fill in

  • the location of the problem
  • when it happens
  • how it happens
  • if it happens using 3 party plugins
  • with steinberg software
  • with steinberg hardware
  • with fx plugin or instrument
  • and so on
  • add additional info if needed
  • a snap shot function this will take a visual snap shot of your situation in cubase (this will give steinberg visual picture of the problem or bug so steinberg no what to look for)

pressing SENT will automaticly sent the form to steinberg and steinberg forum site
the first time you make a feedback form you have to log in with your steinberg ID or My steinberg account

this will work faster and more efficient more direct better feedback

Well I for one have given up on 7.03 to many problems for me so far. 6.5 works everytime without issues but everything I bring over from 6.5 into 7.03 is giving me loads of grief in one way or another. Why don’t SB just be honest and say they have a programming issue between 6.5 and 7 They have missed something out along the way that makes them incompatible. I have spiking problems in 7 the same projects in 6.5 no such issue 7 tells me I have run out of mem same project in 6.5 no such issue. Mixer sizing problems and grid lines vanishing in 7 NO such problems in 6.5 Blue Screen Crashes when closing 6.5 projects in 7 NO such issue in 6.5 I am staying with 6.5 all my mates who were going to upgrade to 7 I have told them not too until SB have fixed IT

Only been usuong it around a month [fresh install] but right now the only problem I seem to be having is the hang on exit bug.