Public beta for Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for macOS

Hello everyone,

UPDATE - June 1, 2023
V4.0.1b to 4.0.2b
Now supports Steinberg UR242/UR44/UR28M/UR824/UR-RT2/UR-RT4

Since Apple has already declared that the Kernel Extension will be discontinued in future macOS, we decided to release a public beta of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver.

The Version V4.0.2b will be available only on the Steinberg forum exclusively.
This new driver uses the Driver Extension (System Extension) and not the older Kernel Extension solution anymore. It will prevent that the “Legacy System Extension” warning message appears.

Supported OS: macOS 13
Supported Platform: Apple silicon (no Intel CPU support)
Supported Models:

It is no longer necessary to change security settings from recovery mode when installing drivers on a Mac with Apple silicon but allowing the driver in “Security & Privacy” is still required.

Please find here the link to the driver, the installation guide and the release notes.


Installation Guide

Release Notes

Please be aware that installing this driver is for technical evaluation only and the installation is the responsibility of the customer.


I have not been able to get USB drivers V3.14 or V4.0.2b to be recognised by my Mac mini M2 Pro with MacOS Ventura 13.4, despite meticulously following the installation instructions, allowing extensions, unchecking the Security Policy option to “allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers” etc.

I have run out of options. Can anyone suggest a fix?


Are there plans for an Intel version of this Driver?

I currently cannot use my UR-RT2 on iMac Pro at all.


I cannot use my UR824 audio interface, after the latest macOS 12.6.9 update. I suspect this new OS introduces something preventing the Yamaha kext (apparently authorized) from loading.

Can you at least make this situation clear, and let us know if this issue will be solved?

As a reminder: Monterey will be supported by Apple up to the end of the next year. It is still a perfectly current OS.


I tried the driver but had to uninstall it.
It caused the CPU to shoot to 100% on low latency settings (M1 Max, UR44) even when no audio was produced.
It also introduced crackles and dropouts in the sound on higher latencies (11-14 ms), even on external gear fed into Cubase (12 Pro) with absolutely no VST effects added


Just wanted to check if there are any plans to add support for Intel CPUs to the new driver??
macOS Sonoma still supports Intel CPUs and the current driver does not work at all…
…without a proper driver my UR-242 is more or less ‘paper-weight’.

I can use it with my iPad but still…

Hopefully a new driver with Intel support will pop up sooner rather than later.

Hello @Ed_Doll,

Any news on a final release and is MacOS Sonoma 14.0 supported ? I’m afraid to upgrade my Mac.

I have 3.1.4 installed now which I suppose will not work with Sonoma, correct ?

If my interface (UR-RT4) stops working after an upgrade this would be a disaster for me.

Thanks !


I’ll add my voice to this question also… no response so far since September, and we are now well into the Sonoma roll out… I want to switch from Ventura, is it safe to do so?

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We have added first test results regarding Sonoma compatibility.
macOS Sonoma product compatibility – Steinberg Support

I have requested information regarding the public beta driver and will let you know as soon as I have details.

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I’ve just come back from a month and a half long opera production, and in the meantime, Sonoma 1.1 was released… so I took the plunge. Now that I’m back home, my UR242 blinks, I see you’re still testing the driver (and 1.2 does not work here, obviously…) Do I need to buy a new interface? Sounds dumb to me, since this one is pristine :person_shrugging:
My mac is (sadly) a 2019 macbookpro, so Intel…
[Edit] Sonoma 14.1.1 simply refuses to install the driver from this thread (4.02b)

I realized I made a mistake by updating— I have very frequent crashes with some plug-ins when Dorico quits and some guy wrote in the forum that it did not happen any more for him with Sonoma, so I was too impatient to test that… alas, I have the same crashes, and now I can’t use my monitoring nor my MIDI keyboard…
Shall I wait for some new driver, or should I think about investing in a new audio card?

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It may make sense to try the non-beta TOOLS for UR242 with the updated Yamaha Steinberg USB driver v3.1.6. UR242 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Unfortunately, the more complex installation routine needs to be followed for that. macOS: Yamaha Steinberg USB/Thunderbolt Driver and TOOLS installation – Steinberg Support

Regarding the beta driver, the current aim is to focus on the release drivers to have every interface officially supported on macOS Sonoma. If all goes according to plan, this will happen this month. The current beta driver will get some attention in Q1 of 2024 again.

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Thanks Ed for your answer. Unfortunately, I could not make this work. I installed the tools from the link you sent— I don’t know if I should have followed the procedure that applies for Apple silicon, because my mac is an Intel one… The installer did its job until the end, I restarted, no message at startup, but the light on the 242 is still blinking, is still doesn’t appear in the Audio/Midi configuration tool… so I’m still stuck. If I understand clearly the end of your message, I should simply wait (and leave those Genelecs and my MIDI keyboard rest) for a while!

Ok, I’ve just spent another hour trying to make sense of your answer, @Ed_Doll. I have searched for that 3.1.6 driver, because the link you provided me with was for 3.1.4 and did not work. Bad news is that 3.1.6 does not work either.
I cannot follow the long path installation because my mac is not Apple silicon, so nothing happens if I keep my finger on the ON button. Any help?
[Edit] Sincere apologies. It looks like 3.1.6 is working. What was not working was trying to make it work with a disconnected USB cable. Yes, I’m ashamed.

I’m using the 3.1.6 driver on 2020 intel Mac mini with a couple of UR824’s locked together using Cubase 13.02. All seems to be working fine except for some issues with the Master Levels Knob Control not woking but it’s not stopping me from working. I’m holding off updating from OS Ventura 13.1 to Sonoma for now. Sounds like you are having continued success with the Sonoma update?

Yes, I admit it just works as it should. The USB connection is compulsory after all. Who would have thought that? :rofl:

hello, similar prpblem here.
mac mini 2020, steinberg ur 44 usb.cubase 12.
i updatet to sonoma ( which was silly).
ur 44 worked for one week, and then suddenly stopped having a signal on main out (speakers).
in audio midi setup ,ur 44 is recognized.
same problem on line out 3/4.
BUT, i have still signal on headphones…!!!
don*t want to downgrade to , lets say monterey, too complicated maybe.
i made 2 backups, timemachine and carbon copy cloner.
so i`m prepared, but still cannot believe, that ur 44 maybe is destroyed,