Publishing songs on iTunes / CD-Baby

I vaguely recall that there is a website that you can sign up for that will publish your songs on iTunes and CD-Baby. While I don’t care what that website is necessarily, I do need to sign up for something to allow me to publish I Just Don’t Believe on those two distribution channels if I have a snowball’s chance in hell of riding the Christmas wave this year.

Recommendations anyone? What’s the lead time for your recommended means of doing this? Etc.

I’m hoping to get the song done by Friday night with a publishing date of Saturday. That gives me a solid week to generate sales.

Hiya Larry. CD Baby are a US distributor, they put your music on iTunes (for a fee, reasonable fee too), Amazon, Wal-Mart, you name it, they do it. You’d probably want to buy a barcode too. Should all come in at well under $100. They’re quick and efficient.
Best of luck :sunglasses:

What does buying a barcode get me, other than a barcode?

Not imperative to have one but it can track your music for you so you can identify markets, etc:

Might wanna check on ISRC too…

So CD-Baby doesn’t provide a sales report on a monthly or quarterly basis?

Kind of but a bit non-specific sometimes. eg “iTunes (Europe) sale.” Feckin brilliant. Europe is enormous :laughing:

I guess a barcode is going to be the only real way to track things. CD-Baby says it’s only $5 so that’s not much.

For what you get Larry, it’s an absolute bargain :sunglasses:

It’s not all that clear to me from your initial post whether you in fact have a physical CD that you want to distribute and sell?? The only thing that made me think you might be talking about an actual CD is the mention of barcode. I barcoded all of my CD’s… don’t ask me why, just made the CD look more ‘pro’ I guess! :laughing: Waste of money really. I don’t think the 2 people who bought copies of my last CD cared that it had a barcode on it!

If its JUST digital-only distribution you’re after then go here:

Its free! :sunglasses:

Well, not really. They take a 15% cut after you lose the 30% to iTunes, etc. That amounts to an additional 4.5% take off of the original price. If I’m selling my song for 99 cents, I want that extra 4.5 cents. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:laughing: Actually, I meant signing up was free. Everyone take a cut of course. :confused: