Pull down flow menu in write/engrave mode

Can I request the pull down flow menu from Play mode in Write/Engrave modes?

You can quickly navigate to another flow in the notation view by clicking on it in the Flows panel in Setup mode. There are also commands for going to the next/previous flow to which you can assign keyboard shortcuts if you like, in Edit > Go To.

I’m with Steve on this one - it’s actually on my Dorico wishlist!

As Steve says, Play mode has flow selection - and it would be brilliant if Write and Engrave did as well. Slipping in and out of Setup feels like an unnecessary sideways step. Additionally, for big projects like Songbooks with over 30 or more flows, the way Play mode handles flow selection is much better than Setup mode. Just my opinion.

ETA: If you select a different flow to play back in Play Mode, and then click on Write or Engrave Mode, it doesn’t reflect that you’re now looking at a different flow. Is that intentional?

There seems to be ample space for a similar pulldown. At the moment I find it quicker to go to play mode and use the pulldown there, than setup mode.

Is Cmd/Ctrl+G not a default shortcut? It’s what I use…

Yes, it’s the default.

Another thing which I’ve missed along the way… too much work to get to know the program…
Thank you, Leo and Dan.

We need a thread: ‘clever things which you’ve probably missed’.

Except that each of us overlooks different clever things, depending on our workflow and time with the program. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this.

There are so many useful tips in this forum - time and again I find workarounds here. I found this one just a few minutes ago, https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=158505

We have thread titles with [SOLVED]. How about [TIP] as part of the title?