Pulling my hair out in frustration activation!

Hi, I’m at my wits end trying to re install my Cubase 9 and getting nowhere. Why is this so complicated to do? I had to re install windows hence this dilemma. I installed Cubase ok including updates and downloaded the latest elicencer just in case. Upon starting Cubase I get the following;-

’ No valid licence found.’ I start the Licence activation and enter my Activation code which is recognised ok. Another window now opens and says ’ No Licence to Upgrade Selectable. Both elicensers appear greyed out. I am prompted for the USB elicencer again. I then repeat the whole process with the same result.

Now frustrated I go online and find my products. I select and click Reactivate!. It now asks me for my Soft-eLicenser number. I enter the number I had previously which is now not recognised! :angry: I then enter my activation code which is accepted instead and now it says ’ succesfully registered? What is registered???

I try to start Cubase again and once again ‘says no valid licence’ and repeat the whole escapade again with the same result. What a nightmare!
I then deleted and reinstalled Cubase and went through the above no less than 3 times. I am still stuck with a non working Cubase. Why oh why is this so complicated ?
Just now I tried once more to re activate. I get prompted for my soft-eLicencer which is requesting a "NEW " number, not my old number which is refused. I enter a number which has been registered earlier as the new number which is now not recognised despite Steinberg saying now registered!
As a last resort I done a maintenance which seemed to go ok and re entered my activation code which is again accepted and once again prompted with ’ Currently there is no licence available.’.

I am now asking for some advice please!

I think when it says “succesfully registered”, it registered to your eLicenser (either soft)- or usb.
After that message I would try to “Update eLicenser License Database” in the Support Tab within ELicenser Control Center. To sync it with the online re-registered product.

The license must be visible in eLicenser Control Center for Cubase to work.

Would be my approach else I dont know either.

Success; finally registered. Not sure at which point I achieved this but now done; seriously though, this can be very frustrating for a newbie! :wink: