Pulling my hair out trying to use HSO

I have installed Dorico Pro 5, but I had deactivated HSO since I was going to transfer it to someone. Long story short, I only see one license so maybe this was wrong. I don’t know if HSO gets a separate license or not, or if I just have to lose the money from my first purchase.

Anyway, so I could not seem to get HSO instruments to load up into Dorico, so I tried reinstalling Dorico and HSO from Download Assistant, and still nothing. HSO is activated again on PC. I just cannot for the life of me figure out how to use these sounds. Please help, I have been trying t figure it out all day. Also, what is the default library path for the manager. I am thinking of putting everything there if it helps?

By the way, are there supposed to be HSO templates? There are not. Is there any indication to tell me whether HSO has been recognized? Not sure it ever has been

One of the things that’s confusing here is that HSO was originally released as a separate VST, but is nowadays used as a set of sampled content for HALion/HALion Sonic. This content can be purchased separately but it is also is bundled with (and licensed with) Dorico Pro.

From the licensing point of view, if you have a separate licence for the old HSO VST this will be listed in the old eLicenser-based licensing system, but if you just have the licence as part of Dorico Pro then this won’t be listed separately, and (from version 4 onwards) it will just be part of the Dorico Pro licence in the new Steinberg Licensing system.

As to the actual download, what you want to install is probably not the HSO VST (listed under “VST Instruments” in SDA), but rather the “HALion Symphonic Orchestra” content shown here, under “Dorico Pro 5”:

If that has been installed successfully, then it will appear in the Steinberg Library Manager - which tells you what sample sets you have installed.

You should also find that a “HSSE+HSO (Pro)” playback template appears in Dorico, which is what you want to use.